Our Lady of Health Youth Choir

The Our Lady of Health Youth Choir is a liturgically-based choir opens to Syro-Malabar Catholic youth entering age 10-20. The Choir's mission is to serve the community at the Sunday 10.00am Liturgy through their musical leadership. The Choir facilitates the participation of the entire congregation with the use of traditional and contemporary church music.

The choir rehearses every last Saturday from 6:00-8:30 Pm during the school year. What is unique about the Youth Choir is its liturgical focus and the live performance of more than 14 different instruments. The singers learn about the Malayalam Catholic liturgy and the treasure of traditional sacred Malayalam music fits in Catholic worship today.

The conductor of the choir is nationally renowned choir clinician Mr. Sebastian Thudathil under the guidance of the parish priest Fr. Zacharias Thottuvelil. The choir is coordinated and engineered by Johny Angadiath. The choir was officially established on 2004,May 6th by His Excellency Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath.

The goal of the Youth Choir is to teach young people the language of music and artistic expression within the context of a Catholic Christian community of faith, which includes active and regular participation in church liturgies. The Youth Choir sings on the first Sunday of the month during the school year at the 10:00am Mass. The Youth Choir also sings for additional Liturgies such as the Christmas, Easter, and Parish Thirunal . The youth choir performance at 2007 Syro-Malabar Convention held at Miami Intercontinental Hotel was inscribed in golden letters in the history of Syro Malabar diocese of Chicago.

Parents Name Name Phone Number
Pious and Merly Manikuttiyil , Chris      (954) 608-5254
Pious and Merly Manikuttiyil, Crystal (954) 608-5254
Pious and Merly Manikuttiyil, Carol (954) 608-5254
Sunny & Valsamma Divya Sunny (Cooper City) (954)431-4590
Joy & Tresa Ushas Joy (954)236-9449
Shiny Anthony Maria Joseph (954)558-2886
Vincent & Betsey Crystal Lukose (954) 224-8960  cell
Johny & Sally Angadiath Jobin Joseph (954)916-5221
Joy & Alesha Thangkam Kuttiyani (954)680 7518
Joseman & Lissy Karedan Jasmine Karedan (954)435-7518
Sam and Jessy Devina Parathundill (954)661-3746
Sunny and Jolly Divya Sunny Phillip ( Miami ) 954-530-5052
Sunny and Jolly Nikhil  Sunny Phillip (Miami) (786) 231-7449
Joshy and Betty Jismie Vatheyalil (954)341-4893
954 254-4839
Joshy and Betty Jasmi Vatheyalil (954) 341-4893
Jose & Regi Rosie Vadaparambil (954)-689-4121
Robence & Shally Aebel Robince (954)-389-8228
Robence & Shally Chamine Robince (786)-797-2329
Benny & Lally Amala Benny (954)-533-5865
Benny & Lally Alin Benny (954)-533-5865
Denny & Dhiya Denny (954)-753-7823
Jaison & Diana Poovan 954-345-8390
Tomy & Pretty Shana Devasia  
Robin Kalladathil Annie kalladathil  
  Ashin kalladathil  
  Abin kalladathil  
Alex and Binu Benjamin Chilapath  
Moncy & Kevin Moncy /Piano (954)864-4250
Johny & Sally Angadiath Jerin Joseph / Drums (954) 916-5221
Johny & Sally Angadiath Kevin Joseph / Bass Guitar (954) 916-5221
  Tony Puthenpurakal/Lead Guitar (954)790-7132
  Tony Puthenpurakal/ Lead Guitar (954)790-7132
  Troyale Emcy Thomas /Guitar (305)807-3558
Sam & Jessy Dennis Parathundill/ Guitar (954) 661-3746
Michele and Sheela Chris Kuruvilla/ Flute (954)757-6975
Tomy and pretty Bobby Devasia/ Saxophone (954)552-1506
Joseman and Lissy Jeremy Karedan / Congo (954)662-8508
Johny and Mercy Tobin Chakkala / Clarinet (954)756-0738
Jobby and Lindsey Paul Sebastian / Upright Bass (954)295-8333
Tomy and Shinny Chelsea Thachettu / Violin (954)-322-8384
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