Syro Malabar Catholic Church of South Florida

Early History: This community was started in 1984 with six families and in 1986 it was registered as ICA (India Catholic Association) as a mission with in the Archdiocese of Miami with 60 families and Reverend Father James Parappally as the Mission Director. In 2002 this Association had more than 400 Indian families from all over in South Florida.

New Church: Under the leadership of Father James Parappally and the hard work of the Building Committee we were privileged to buy a Baptist church in Coral Springs in July 2002 and were named as Velamkanni Matha (Our Lady of Health) Church. However the church was used on a rental basis by the same Baptist community and we were allowed to use and offer Masses on a monthly basis, and later on every Sundays either in Syro Malabar or Latin Rite.

Convent: In 2002 October Chicago diocese sponsored three SABS Nuns to this parish and Sister Rose Kunnathupurayidam SABS, Sister Mercitta Thengumplakal SABS and Sister Lisa Vayalil SABS and they were given a convent with in the parish. Ever since the Sisters are involved in the parish activities and their presence make a difference to the growing generations as well. At present (2008) we have Sister Mercitta Thengumplakal SABS as the Mother Superior, Sister Maria Thengumthottam and Sister Vimala Pallikizhakkethil as members

New Independent Parish: On December 6, 2003 this was elevated as an independent Syro Malabar Parish and Reverend Father John Melepuram was appointed as its first Pastor / Vicar with 94 families registered. The Baptist community left this place in February 2004 and church was given to us for our complete occupancy. Then only we could make this church as our own. The renovations began to shape it as a Catholic Sanctuary and Altar with Bema. The final blessing took place on May 30, 2004 with the presence of Miami Archbishop His Grace Most Reverend John Favalora and Chicago Syro Malabar Bishop His Ex Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath. With the presence of permanent Parish Priest and daily Masses and different Syro Malabar traditional services the situation began to change. The number of registered families increased on daily basis. Right now (2009) we have 400 registered Syro Malabar Families.

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