Message From Priest


Dear Brethren,

Addressing the people gathered for the festival of families in Dublin, Ireland, Pope Francis said, “Christian marriage and family life are only seen in all their beauty and attractiveness, if they are anchored in the love of God, who created us in his own image, so that we might give him glory as icons of his love and holiness in the world. Fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, children and grandchildren: all of us are called to find, in the family, our fulfillment in love. God’s grace helps us daily to live as one in mind and heart.” What a wonderful thought!

Speaking of the Family night and CCD annual celebrations, I would also like to emphasis the whole content of the program as “the celebration of Love”! The parents, grandparents and children formed themselves in to one mind and heart. From the beginning to the end, it was truly a celebration and expression of life and love. Each program performed was so remarkable for its unique message of either God’s love towards us, or mutual love and respect of the parish community. The skits, dances, music, martial performances, couples’ dances and all other visuals kept a high standard and beauty. CCD children did proclaim what they have earned from the classes and textbooks, in short and sweet ways. We must admit that the seed of faith is planted nowhere else than in the family. As to my understanding, the goal behind this grand ‘CCD cum family night' was ‘to come together and bring together’. It happened.

My sincere appreciation for the mission accomplished. It was God’s Grace: let us acknowledge that. Again, it was a human endeavor: let us recognize that too. The presence and presentations of the senior youth, of no doubt added a special flavor and aroma to the family event. We love you so much dear friends; we do greatly en-joy your contributions for the progress and further growth of the community. The coordinators, committee members, and the volunteers did their best for the realization of a long cherished dream; congrats team, you made it. Let us continue the same spirit of prayer, dedication and solidarity to keep and proclaim the fundamentals of our faith and family values.



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