Message From Priest


My dear Children, Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Our Church is dedicated to mother Mary and named as Our Lady of Health. We celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Health from September 7 to 10, 2018. The festal celebration will commence with the flag hoisting fol-lowed by Holy Mass.

“Our Lady” is a common title to give to Mary as a sign of respect and honor. We call the Church mother. Mary is the mother of the Church. We have always looked at Mary as a mother figure who can mediate for us and comfort us. Our Blessed Mother is unique in all creation, she is also unique as Advocate.

During the feast of Our Lady of Health, let us all come together and submit ourselves to our most gracious Advocate, mother Mary, Mother of God. As we prepare for Hurricane season, let us intercede to mother Mary, Star of the Sea for protection from Hurricanes.

Mary is a Woman of many titles, and all of them resound to the glory of the Blessed Trinity, and contribute to the joy and confidence of the Church.

I wish all of you the Happy Feast of Our Lady of Health.

God’s blessings upon you!

Fr. Thomas Kadukapillil
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